The Metlo - Warm Pixel Science

Identity, Web


The Metlo approached WPS to create the identity and website of one of Denver’s hottest start-up office pods. Leaning on the ephemeral style of the original motel that was converted into The Metlo, WPS started by creating the name of the building itself, the intention being to keep the original 1950s-style of the sign out front by simply rearranging the letters of MOTEL. The name also has an obvious metropolitan, urban connection which fits the dowtown location of The Metlo. Following identity and logo creation, WPS wrote the content and then produced and shot the photography to fit concepts for the website. The site’s aesthetic and clear communication of how the building feels has been central in keeping a constant stream of tenants interested in doing business at The Metlo.


  • Website design
    Kristin Vanderloos
  • Development
    Brent Barkley
  • Identity
    Kristin Vanderloos
  • Photography
    Greg Feldman